I'm your guide, not your guru...

This philosophy really resonated with me during my training as a wellness coach, and since I’d been working as a travel guide for over 28 years, it seemed natural to flow into becoming a wellness guide as well.  

Thrive Wellness Journeys was born after travel came to a screetching halt in 2020. 

To tell you the truth, I was already saturated by over-tourism and ready to make some major shifts towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for myself and be of inspiration to others.

My area of expertise is accompanying groups of people primarily around Spain and Portugal, with some international trips.  This includes incentive travel, conferences and congresses as well as leading and designing transformational retreats.

While the geographical area I’m focusing on has become reduced to lovely, gorgeous, beautiful and unique Andalucía,  other aspects of my life have expanded immensely.  

Thrive Wellness Journeys is a fusion of my passion for travel and love of wellbeing. It’s my response to over-tourism and the very unhealthy world we are living in, as well as my own personal road to recovery.

Cancer was my healer, not my killer

As paralising a this kind of diagnosis can be, I realised that taking care of myself and realigning my life with my passions was a matter of survival and a pivotal turning point in my life.  The closer I am to nature the better I feel. 

Whether it's being physically in nature or eating natural foods...  it's what's keeping me thriving, healthy and very alive.  

Sharing my knowledge and experience in the places where I believe the greatest healing happens is what this is all about.

It's from this experience and persective that I freely choose to share what I have learnt in my journey to thrive in life so that you can too!

I hope you can join me!

"It's health that is real wealth
and not pieces of gold and silver"

 Mahatma Gandhi



Walking barefoot along the beach brings me great joy and grounding.



Retreating with like minded people nurtures my soul and boosts personal growth.



Daily practice provides me with the energy and serenity needed for me to thrive.

Just being surrounded by bountiful nature, rejuvenates and inspires us.“   

EO Wilson

My hobbies and passions...

In my free time I love to make pottery, upcyle things I find or have collected, make macramé... anything that will keep my fingers twiddling.

Despite being kicked out of my school choir and made to believe I'm not musical, I've taken up the challenge to disprove this limiting self-belief... . so I play the handpan, flute and chant...   my goal is to enjoy the sounds of the music I make! 

Who knows, I may one day make a public appearance!

I love water, so I scuba dive, do canyoning in the hot summer months and frequently go to the beach with my dog Lucy and walk barefoot and free after a good dip in the Med.

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Bachelor of Journalism and Media Studies (Rhodes University, South Africa)

Certified Master Wellness Coach (International Association of Wellness Professionals)

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (Integral Yoga)

Watsu Practitioner with Harold Dull (WABA)

Ai Chi Teacher (With Jun Konno)

Certified Massage therapist

Shiatsu practitioner (European School of Shiatsu)

Completed courses: The Neuroscience of Change and The Power of Embodied Transformation (Coaches Rising)

Retreat Design and Marketing Mastery (Wanderlust Entrepreneur).

Frequently attends Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops and M-Joy Seminars

Initiated in the Munay-Ki tradition of Shamanism (Despierta Vive)

Practices plant based medicine (Training from Proyectoeden 2.0, Los Guindales and School of Evolutionary Herbalism)

Trained with Dr. Shamini Jain: Mantras for the Divine Feminine for Healing & Liberation, and Activate Shakti Healing for Wellbeing and Joy

Qualified Sound Healer (Sofi Gibson, Ananda Mandira)


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