Spain·October 21 2022


Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your life to connect with nature and listen to her sounds. 



The Japanese refer to this activity "Shinrin-yoku", or as I like to refer to it as Natures' Symphony because we'll actively listen to the most amazing orchestra in the world. We start with a silent walk in nature to become attuned to the sounds of nature instead of the cacophony of your mind. Great emphasis is on the fact that where your attention goes, your energy flows. So, I share methods on how to quieten your mind to make space for the appreciation of all that nature offers. We will close with a tea ceremony with organic plants specifically designed to enhance the experience and leave you nurtured from within. Physiological benefits of forest bathing: -positive effect on the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and restore) -more positive emotions -improved sleep -the grounding effect reduces inflammation, improves hormone function, improves muscle recovery, reduces pain, anxiety and depression. After this experience will feel relaxed and renovated. You will have learnt how to find peace. You will have experienced a hightened sense of awareness with an expanded understanding of your role in this world, and your life will certainly improve. What are you waiting for?


Herbal Tea Time

Herbal Tea Time

After the experience we will enjoy some freshly made organic tea specifically designed to help you fully integrate the experience.



You can draw a card from the Shakti Medicine deck bringing you a special message for the day.

Musical Sounds

Musical Sounds

I will add some soothing sounds with the native american flute, chimes and tibetan bowls. Like the cherry on top of the cake!






What's the buzz...

We are living our lives with an overstimulated central nervous system. 

Our bodies need time to slow down, it's urgent that be begin to invest time to cultivate balance and wellbeing so that our lives in general can improve.  

So we will meet in a designated place and from there you'll be given a bief introduction to the experience and how to make the most of it.  

We walk in silence to appreciate the sounds of nature and the water of a small river as it cascades down the slope.  Upon arrival to our secret spot you will be guided into relaxation so that you can feel the energy of the earth and natural elements enter you and bring about a sense of relaxation and balance as never experienced before.  

Explore the other surprises to be expected at the end of this experience to futher boost the benefits this magical experience provides you.



Herbal Tea Ceremony

A specifically designed organic herbal tea with corresponding tea ceremony is included to enhance your experience. 

Take a look at these delicious ingredients:

Sencha - Japanese green tea excellent to aid weight loss, improve blood flow and brain function.

Matcha - high in antioxidants, can help protect the liver, may help prevent cancer and promote heart health.

Tulsi - know as the Queen of Herbs and in Sanskrit means "matchless one". It's a potent adaptogen (anti-stress agents) with many medicinal and therapeutic actions, including supporting lungs and improving respiratory disorders. 

Moringa - excellent as an anti-inflammatory, digestive issues, anti-bacterial and even considered to help with low sex drive. Loaded with phytochemicals to support immune function. 

Mint - another amazing adaptogen. Good for digestion, excellent for asthma and other breathing problems, helps with headaches, freshens the breath, aids in weight loss and improves brain power.  Also amazing for skin care.

Sage - loaded with antioxidants, supports oral health, can ease menopause symptoms and blood sugar levels and supports memory health.

Cardamom - antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, can also help heart with elevated cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. 

Fennel - among many other benefits, it is believed to have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


I think about this experience every day since I attended. To appreciate the miracle of nature is so important in our lives, being aware of its' beauty was experienced in full. We took time to focus on our natural environment and be completely taken into natures' embrace. A truly wonderful morning, thank you Tania


I can only say one thing... A truly marvelous experience! I don't have sufficient words to describe what it was like to connect with nature and myself and to gift myself the time to be free of any worries. Highly recommended!


Tania took us to experience meditaiton in nature and provided us with an amazing time of pure bliss. I highly recommend her if you are looking ot unwind to enjoy a moment of calm relaxation and connect deeply with the beautiful surroundings and with ourselves.
It was beautiful! Thank you.

Elia Yoga


Soy bilingue, entonces toda la experiencia puede ser en inglés y español. 

Si prefiere, se puede organizar un grupo solamente en español, teniendo suficientes participantes.

Some physical agility is required since there are a few rocks to climb. We will walk for a total of 30min aproximately, 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back. So do wear comfortable footwear.

Absolutely, however they must be mature enough to lie still so that they don't disturb the other participants.

Nope... just come with an open mind and heart.

We will be lying on the ground at some point, so bring a mat or something to lie on for your comfort.

Comfortable walking shoes.

A towel and swim suit if you wish to have a dip in the river to make it a literal forest bathing experience.

We will meet at 9:30am at a location provided upon booking. The experience will last for 2h (depending on mobility of participants) with the option of staying longer to have a dip in the river.


Spain· October 21 2022· 3 hours