Spain·October 10 2021


Part of our ongoing Lunch and Learn Series: Now it's time to Reboot & Thrive!



Your wellbeing is important to us. So, we ask you... Do you have a quality relationship with food and your body image? And wouldn't it be amazing to feel fabulous by finally cultivating a positive relationship with food and master the mindset required to live a life of health and wellness without struggle or overwhelm? Take the first step by entering the oasis at Casita Karuna for spectacularly nutritional moments where you will be welcomed with open arms and hearts by your hosts Tania and Nicky. Our goal is for you to leave a different person than you arrived, feeling Rebooted and ready to Thrive. Our aim is to nurture you: body, mind and soul and we strongly believe that health and wellness comes from within. We fuse together our 20+ years of experience to bring you our unique lunch & learn experience where you will learn about plant-based nutrition, health and wellness. You will experience a gentle group hypnosis session to reset your mind and relationship towards food and body image. You will indulge in the freshest, locally sourced, organic seasonal produce with dishes lovingly created by Nicky and Tania. What’s not to love?!


Holistic Home Hosted

Holistic Home Hosted

Casita Karuna opens it's doors where your holistic hosts Nicky and Tania will receive you with open arms and hearts. We will nurture you with food for your body, mind and soul. A superbly relaxed environment where you will learn, laugh and be loved.

Group Hypnosis Session

Group Hypnosis Session

We strongly believe in the power of mindset and that our thoughts shape our reality. We include a gentle group hypnosis session focused on restoring balance, boosting immunity and instilling confidence around health and body image.

Local Organic Produce

Local Organic Produce

Fresh and seasonal produce carefully selected from local farmers and businesses since we believe in supporting the local economy. Prepared by Nicky from her recently published recipe book. Tania will be the sous chef!


Meet Your Holistic Hosteses...



Founder of Thrive Wellness Journeys.

Tania brings together her two passions: travel and wellbeing. She believes that we learn best in a relaxed environment.  Through her training at the IAWP she learnt the Wellness 360 ™ method that teaches us everything about what we need to experience wellbeing and thrive.

She is a Certified Master Wellness Coach and loves what she does.



Founder of ReBoot Transformations, a business borne out of her greatest passions: the power of transformation, personal growth, health, veganism, plant-based nutrition and working with people to empower themselves and their lives.
She is a qualified Rapid Transformational Practitioner ® (RTTP) and Health Coach and has degrees in education, history and leadership.






What to expect

You will be welcomed with a mocktail and a wonderful opportunity to meet your hosts and other guests.
Both Tania and Nicky will be sharing with you the importance of nutrition, mindset and ceremony in your life. We are both passionate about well-being and sharing it with others.

Then Tania will be sharing some breathing techniques to help you relax and Nicky will conduct a gentle group hypnosis session to restore balance,  boost immunity and provide you with an improved sense of self and relationship with food.  
You will have some time to relax and integrate the session before your scrumptiously nutritional meal. The meal will be buffet style with starters, mains and desserts. All drinks included.
We will end with a celebration of life and some bubbles! 

Not to be missed!



After this day you will go home...

  • Feeling relaxed, nurtured and with an improved sense of self. 

  • More knowledgeable about holistic nutrition, the importance of self-care and the importance of cultivating a positive body image.

  • Having experienced a group hypnosis session to reboot your life and thrive. 

  • With two gifts, a recording of the session and some delicious recipes.

What's Included

What's Included

Welcome Mocktail

Introduction to healthy eating

Breathwork for Relaxation

Group hypnotherapy session

3 course meal (organic plant based)

All beverages

Recording of the hypnotherapy session

2 Gifts from your Holistic Hosts

Casita Karuna

Your home away from home where holistic healing happens

The number of Casita Karuna is 360. 

Durning my training as a wellness coach we use the Wellness 360 model where we look at all aspects in our lives that contribute to our overall wellbeing.

This home magically found me, and from here I am offering special events for small groups and personalised 1-1 retreat getaways for women only.

Feeling blessed to be able to share such a unique space to provide holistic wellbeing experiences to nurture your soul. 

Looking forward to being your holistic hostess.

Casita Karuna


Not at all! We will cater accordingly and take your special requirements into consideration.

No, just your lovely self.

Unless you want to have a dip in the pool, then being the appropriate gear.

It's a unique experience and feels different for different people. 

What you feel isn't an idicator of how effective it is, so regardless of what it feels like, it's working. I promise!

Hypnosis isn't magic, its science! It works by creating a burst of brainwaves the same as 

when you are in REM allowing you to access the subconscious mind. 

It's really easy and very effecive.

Yes, there is free parking on the street.

Of course! We require a minimum of 6 participants for this. Please contact us to discuss this further.


Spain· October 10 2021· 6 hours